Living in Utah, I have had many run-ins with Mormon Missionaries. My personal favorite were the two Elders who came to my door about three times over the course of two weeks, always at the same time (about 8:00 AM). I am almost always asleep or in the shower at this time of the morning so at about visit number 3 I was starting to get more than a little pissed off. On visit number four I decided that enough was enough. I answered the door in my bath-robe wearing two and a half days growth on my face. Just to top it all off I stopped by the kitchen and grabbed a can a stale beer that had been out from the previous night (I did this for effect, I don't drink) and a dish towel. Then before I opened the door I grabbed the BB Gun from the hall closet that resembles a .30-6. Now, with beer, towel and gun in hand I open the door to two very surpriesed looking Missionaries. I procead to put the beer on the table by the door and polish the barrel of the gun.

"Well, Whadayawant?" I snarled.
"umm.. uh...."
"Then get the hell off my lawn!"

I never saw them again.