I was very reluctant to post this since it took many months to perfect. Be warned, this creation is much more art than science and I do not have any specific measurements. This is just the way I cook, if you are the type who is so anal that you have to know how many cubic centimeters of olive oil to put in the salad dressing then please do not get tweaked at me when this does not work. I reccomend this only for experienced chefs who know what I am trying to do with this. Make it at your own risk and be prepared to try it many times before you find your rendition that works the best for you. Good luck and enjoy!

My personal creation, Cremini Mushroom stuffed herb-encrusted Pork Chops:

What you need:
-Some nice thick Pork Chops
-Fresh Thyme
-Fresh Basil
-Fresh Oregano
-Fresh Rosemary
-Bread crumbs
-Fresh, uncut cremini mushrooms
-A Bar-B-Q or grill, I prefer a Weber propane model.
-A good 6 year (minimum) balsamic vinegar; be sure it's from Modena.
-Extra Virgin Olive Oil
-Butter or Margarine

What to do:
Take all the herbs and using a food processor or a french chef knife dice them up into very very small bits, then mix with the bread crumbs to get the desired texture. The bread crumbs are there mearely as a filler, don't put in so much that you will taste it. Set this aside.

Now, take the pork chops and cut into them lenghtwise to create a pocket (like pita bread). Set these aside.

Cut up the mushrooms in to fairly thick slices, not wedges. You want the slices to be thick enough so that they will not turn to mush when you saute them.
Melt some butter into a non-stick frying pan, when it is hot enough add the mushrooms and a splash of the balsamic vinegar. Don't be stingy with the butter or balsamic and don't throw it away, you will need it later.
When the mushrooms are done remove them from heat and allow to cool (but not get cold, you will see why). Then pack as many as you can into the chops and close with toothpicks. What ever will not fit chop up or eat them; call it quality control (now arn't you glad those mushrooms arn't cold?).

Now cover the outside of the stuffed pork chops with a light coat of the olive oil, this is an adhesive for the herbs. Take the herb-bread crumb mix and cover the outside of the chops. Cook on the grill until done. Use your best judgement, if you don't have any find some one who does.

Now, back to the kitchen: Add a very small amount a flour to the sauce that was left from the mushrooms. Thin it out and add small amounts of flour for desired consistency and potency. Do this over heat to cook the flour, otherwise you will be able to taste the flour in the sauce. Also toss in those extra mushrooms you chopped up.

When the chops are done, serve them with the sauce over the top. For sides I recommend my famous Caezar Salad, angel-hair pasta with sun dried tomato pesto sauce, and fresh asparagus.