Displacement, fully loaded: 4,900 tons
Length: 485.9 ft. (148.1 M)
Beam: 48.5 ft. (14.8 M)
Draft: 21 ft. (6.4 M)
Range: 4,500 miles at 18 kts.

Recognition features:
  • blunt bow with short forcastle
  • Exocet SSM box launcher (A position)
  • Raised central main deck giving section a high freeboard
  • High enclosed mainmast at after end of superstructure
  • Large funnel, aft of midships, with sloping top and black exausts just protruding from the top
  • SATCOM dome atop superstructure
  • Large enclosed black-topped aftermast asft of funnel. slightly shorter than mainmast
  • Flight deck aft with open quarter deck below