There's two things you should be made aware of before I get to The Funny. One, I enjoy being too protective of my thoughts. And two, I do 90% of my most productive thinking in bed right before I fall asleep.

During the 14 hours or so each day that I am away from home, I'm bound to have an interesting thought or two (or three), something I don't want to forget because chances are I will sooner or later. In order to preserve these thoughts, whether they be ideas for a new project or an interesting way to implement something, I write them down on scraps of paper. I don't have a PDA (nor do I plan to buy/obtain one) so this is the most convenient way for me to remember what I was thinking of, preserving that thought till I get some more free time to dissect it more thoroughly. I've never had any problem with this method, if you don't count dozens of scraps of paper piling up in your pockets a problem.

Only a small portion of useful thinking goes on during the day. The bulk of my most productive thinking gets down as I lie in bed, in complete silence and darkness, waiting to go to sleep. I usually go over what I have done during the day, coming up with dozens of ways I can improve my own work, sometimes having to get back up and write down my suggestions to myself so I don't forget them in that blasted 8-hour interim between night and morning (sometimes the other way around). Again, I have no complaints about this method. I've found it works fine and helps me stay focused (albeit at the wrong time, but I'm not going to mess with a good thing).

Now, finally, to last night. I remember being particularly tired at around 3 AM when I finally decided to get some sleep. I pondered for what could have been a half hour, maybe a whole hour; finally, for whatever reason, I decided to make use of the pen and notepad I keep on the nightstand next to my bed and jot some notes down. I wrote down two words, in barely-legible penmanship (I was writing in the dark, you know), as that was all that I assumed was necessary to remember what thoughts were going through my head (usually it's one word per thought - I take all of my thoughts on one topic, use a mental version of pkzip, and that's all that is required to jog my memory the next morning). I woke up this morning to find my notepad read:

Initiate Supercunt

I can't find a way to end this node that wouldn't ruin it. It pretty much speaks for itself. Needless to say, I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I was thinking about.