One of my favorite classic arcade games... Food Fight was released in 1982 by Atari, Inc. to arcades and later became available for the Atari 7800. The serial number for the Food Fight cartridge is CX7804 (Thanks to TheBooBooKitty). In the game the player controls Charlie Chuck in a rectangular field with holes and piles of food, and attempts to reach a melting ice cream cone on the other side of the playing field. In the way are 4 chefs, Zorba, Jacques, Angelo, and Oscar, and to defend yourself from them you have to pick up food from the playing field and throw it at them. The 5 types of throwable food are, peas, bananas, tomatoes, pies, and watermelon (the only food item that had an unlimited supply). The player lost a life if he/she was caught by a chef, hit by a thrown food item (from one of the chefs), fell in a hole, or if the ice cream cone melted before the player reached it. Like most classic arcade games, Food Fight has no definate ending, but the highest level was 125 and after that you play through a random level.

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