Well, I suppose it's time to throw my $.02 in, I'll try and fill in some blanks] and avoid bits that everyone has covered rather well... Mostly this will be my own observations], as the facts seem rather well established.

The meet had rather an awkward false start for me, as I arrived when Natch was absent, and met Natch's roommate, so, I killed an hour and came back, and THIS time I was both in the right spot and at the right time.

I was given everyone's name to forget (I am absolutely HORRID with names), and then, after a brief trip to North Liberty, We hit my house to snag a DVD player, and my parents were confronted with a nice cross section of E2 (I'm crashing with them while I move back from Chicago until I get taken to Texas). Somehow, I don't think they were prepared for it, or to have their DVD player walk out the door either, but that's what happened.

After a bit of Eat Poop You Cat, Two more people arrived who's names I got to forget (I think I'm catching on now, but it's a bit late now isn't it?). However, I was quite pleased that someone else with long hair showed up, as everyone to that point had extremely short, bald, or short and blue hair. Dunno why I noticed it, but it was pretty cool to have another pony tailed guy show.

After much drawing and such, a trip to the graveyard was decided upon. Now, don't ask me how, because I still don't know, but two people who apparently think my life isn't interesting enough decided to stick their brand of humor into this otherwise new experience weekend. I didn't know until we got back and I spotted one outside the building, and I have no doubt that I was MEANT to see them, because it's not enough that they annoy me, the need me to know that it was them so that when I get pissed later they can act dumb and deny everything. Don't ask, I don't understand either, All I can do is say I'm very, VERY sorry....

As coincidence would have it, everyone decided to crash at that point, and as I was leaving, I was able to catch the two morons leaving the lot. They were parked next to my car, so I assume they saw it. True to form, they denied everything, but snickered while doing so. I abandoned the questioning and decided to call it a night myself, but had to fetch my camera (which I had left) and fess up for my friends.

The next morning, I got up and took down the tent, which had been airing out for a couple of days, and packed it up along with the booze contribution I was to make. After trooping over to Natch's, and some general morning fun, We headed out to Macbride. Much confusion was had as to the crappieness of the campsites, to which I have to say, "this is Iowa, if you expect someone to do something right, you should really check out another state." On the way back, I remembered a place where there was indeed actual, secluded camp sites. I had gone there for a day camp thing years ago, and there was a trail that led from them to the dam separating Macbride and the Res.

Not knowing when to quit, I decided to try and inform a moving column of cars of this. This was my first strike of the day. Note to self: Know when to quit; Do so.

I then attempted to lead them to said campsite. This was my second strike of the day. Note to self: Just because you know the way to two places from Iowa City, does not mean you know the way to get from one of those places to the other. As punishment, I apparently missed out on a Natch flashing, DOH. Just a note, Natch, I would have honked, or at least shouted some words of encouragement.

Abandoning that plan after not terribly long, I simply went back to Natch's, via the most roundabout but on the most main streets as possible. I stand by this, as, 1)I didn't want to loose anyone and 2)you silly people made the mistake of following me, hahahah!

Drinking then ensued. I'm told there was grilling, but after my bone headedness, I was ready for lots of alcohol and no driving. I'd just like to say, that I normally don't get that drunk of that little. I was much helped on by the fact that I really hadn't had much in the way of food yet that day, and I was hanging with Natch. Being even slightly drunk with people who are willing to be silly and fun makes me feel all the more silly and fun drunk. This is a good thing(tm). I was also treated to a bit of Jack Daniels, which I had not yet tried. My whiskey experience to this point had been rather disappointing, but I was surprised by the goodness of the Jack. Defiantly something that is an acquired taste, but also something I think I could come to like. An extra special thanks goes to the people who listened to me while drunk, and especially Natch, who gives the most excellent backrubs as well as braiding my hair in such a way that I was referred to as "Highlander" multiple times over the course of the evening.

After retiring to the apartment and sobering up a bit, as well as loosing a couple of noders to fatigue, alcohol venting, and various commitments, Dirty Jenga was played. There was a bit of a disparity in men to women, and not much in the way of guys being interested in other guys, leading to some... creative reading of some of the blocks. I personally tried to stay as true to the blocks as possible, but there were a couple of challenges. I also think I had the dubious honor of having the first ass bared. Many were to follow.

At about 5 am, sleep was had, and after a very insufficient time, was done with. I find it a bit curious that no one seemed to have noticed me leaving (at least, no one mentions how I left in their wu's), but I busted out at around noonish, to get to Palisades park, where I had a suspicion, and was correct, a mere 10 minutes after I arrived Said moronic friends arrived for their weekend climb. Much chewing out was had, so much so that neither one was letting me run their belay. Weenies. I wouldn't have dropped them. Too far.