Love is a weird concept ... I never really understood why and how it happens, nor what it means to say I Love You Too. What I do know is that I find love a great feeling - sure, it's quite confusing at times, but in the end we keep looking for a nice lap to sit on, two very pretty eyes to dream about, that tingly feeling inside when your thoughts once again wonder around longing for a romantic touch or a long kiss. I also don't understand why love enables people to do the near impossible: I could just look at her for hours on end and feel blessed, it makes you see details and experience things that would normally scare you, etc. Love seems to be some kind of filter that changes everything around you (and especially EVERYTHING around her) into something dreamy and positive.

When you are in love, saying I Love You Too actually means something - it changes you, few things other than that love matter anymore. Love hurts and can be quite frustrating to ... the waiting, the uncertainty and all kinds of fears you never knew or admitted you had. But, I say to you, love is a path best traveled together - meet many people and enjoy their company as long as the talk is good and saying I Love You Too actually means something.