Howcome there is a link to tomorrow in July 3, 2000 if tomorrow does not exist yet ?

Are these questions to ponder, or is this a very smart way for JeffMagnus to link all his daily writeups together ?
I love the daily statistics roundup ... except that I never see myself as online user.

Perhaps I should think of a way to add daily value to the daily writeup...

So here's my second daily writeup ... and I'll guess I'll start with the BIG news first: today is the first day of the rest of my life - in other words: school's out for a big long summer ___ uhm ... not a holiday, cuz I'm still working on my internet startup, and that eats all my time :-)

Oh life is wonderfull today ...
  • NO more evil dentist docters (though no more lovely densist assistents either)
  • great weather - though wonderfull on a first holiday day, but it has inmense negative side effects on my business (cuz that still won't run if I'm hanging out on the beach - eventhough I have this way cool laptop-GSM combination with me).
  • Oh and last but no least (very evil): it's such wonderfull weather that my mom asked me to help her do the garden - ARGHH - especially cuz I could not say no.
OK folks, that was my 2nd try at spilling my rants about my daily activities here on E2 ... more tomorrow ? Who knows ... perhaps the bedbugs will bite me tonight :-)