Mastertronic's 30 all time best sellers

1. Formula 1 Simulator
Standard (and pretty crap) first person F1 sim (duh!). Sold 568,013 copies (including one to me)
2. Ghostbusters
Based on the film of the same name, involved driving from house to house trapping ghosts. Included sound samples from the film! Sold 412,922 copies (again, I bought one).
3. BMX Racers
Really good top down racing game, like Supersprint but on bikes (which didn't make any difference, really. Sold 345,423 (Including me once more!
4. Finders Keepers
First in the Magic Knight trilogy, which also included Spellbound and Knight Tyme. Platformer involving collecting objects and solving puzzles. Sold 330,758.
5. Vegas Jackpot
I think, a fruit machine sim. msg me if you know better. Sold 306,957.
6. Speed King
Not too bad first person bike racing sim. Sold 304,499 (including me
7. Double Dragon
Beat 'em up. Quite good. A re-release from a full price title IIRC. Sold 289,510.
8. Kikstart
Horizontal scrolling bike sim. Sold 286,256
9. Kikstart 2
See above (now came with course designer!) Sold 283,585 copies
10. Chiller
msg me if you know what this is. Sold 280,173
11. Kane
Again, not a clue. Help? Sold 262,829 copies.
12. Action Biker
Vaguely remember playing this at a friends house. Featured Clumsy Colin from skips adverts at the time driving a stupid looking bike around. Sold 251,515
13. One Man and his Droid
Great, original game. You played an android dog (which didn't look like a dog) rounding up android sheep (which didn't look like sheep). Sold 212,722 (inluding one to me).
14. Molecule Man
No idea. Sold 210,693
15. 180
The only darts sim game I've ever enjoyed playing. Sold 196,155 (yep! Including me
16. Ninja
Don't know. I assume a beat 'em up? Sold 194,897 copies
17. Storm
msg me if you know what this is. Sold 193,074
18. Fued
See description above. Sold 191,381 copies. One of which I bought.
19. Way of the Exploding Fist
Re-release of a full-price game from Melbourne House. Probably the first fighting game written, and so can be thanked for eventually leading to Street Fighter, Mortal Combat, etc. Sold 182,407. I had the original ;-)
20. Spectipede
Version of Centipede. Good game. Sold 178,115.
21. Milk Race
Bicycle racing sim, concentrating on strategic saving of energy. A bit boring. Sold 174,109 plus me.
22. Master Chess
No frills chess game. Beat me every time on any skill level :-( Sold 167,601 copies.
Don't know. Do you? Msg me! Sold 161,672
24. Spellbound
See above. Sold 152,378.
25. Rockman
Mg me? Sold 143,882.
26. Big Mac
Don't know. Sold 139,946.
27. The last V8
Sold 127,331
28. Video Poker
Poker sim (duh!). Sold 127,174
29. Squirm
Again, no idea. Sold 123,006
30. Nonterraqueous
See above. Sold 121,533

Source: Retro Gamer Issue 1.
Thanks to theboy for info on 4.