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Oh look! Exactly a month since I last daylogged.


Am I actually in twenty-first century Britain, reading this?:

Black boys separate classes plan

Black boys should be taught apart from their peers, the head of the Commission for Racial Equality suggests.


Do I really need to comment any more on this?


My noding of the European constitution is not going well at the moment. Why is this? Well, I wrote myself a little perl script to help me, you see. It cleans up the really bad HTML that the website I found it on used and put it in a nice E2able format. Then I read through and added hard links. Yes, I could have made the script do that too, but I wanted to read it... that was sort of the point.

The problem is caused by the situation I was in at the time. I was using my parents computer (they were on holiday and have free net access). They use windoze and they use firefox. They don't have perl, so I sshed into my Exeter University account to run the script there. I copied the text from firefox, pasted it into vi in the ssh window and ran my script on it. That checked an html file into my public_html at Exeter which I then picked back up using firefox and pasted into Everything.

This means that I can't node from home (I use gentoo and, although I have firefox the cut and paste works differently). I can't node from Uni (They either have linux with firefox or windoze with Internet Exploder but not both. So to continue, I have to either go back to my parents house or write another script.

Having written this, I found that there are windoze PCs with firefox here, but there's workshops running in it all day, so I can't use them. Note to self: Next time you write a script like that make it work on the HTML source not the cut-and-paste malarky

Random Wibbling

I like lists. Everyone likes lists. They're easily consumable information. They don't have to be important. They don't even have to be in any order. In fact, they don't even have to be correct. Just think of the normal sort of lists you make, because someone asked you: “What are your top five, all time, favorite films in the world, ever?” Or something similar. The films you come up with mean nothing. I could list my favorite films for you now. I could even node it and get it instantly deleted for being GTKY; and this would be right because it's all crap. Ask me tomorrow; I'll tell you five different films because I'm in a different mood.

But I still like lists. I use loads of <ul>s, <ol>s and <dl>s in many of my nodes, even in some of my daylogs.

I was going to use this as an introduction to some lists about me at the moment: what's pissing me off1, what CDs I want, etc. But I can't be bothered now. I mean, who cares? Maybe I should move away from the discrete to the continuous. If I wasn't so obsessed with forcing everything into list form, maybe I could see things in a more interesting way. More analogue, less digital. Not as much Yes/No, a bit more possibly. Try and look at the bigger picture instead of breaking it down to features I can look for logic in. Maybe I should stop yabbering on in this daylog and do some work.

1: Number one was going to be the fucking awful mouse on this PC.

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