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Well, it's gotta be time for an update. I haven't been doing a lot, actually. I'm in the gap between 2nd and 3rd years at Uni and, although I have got a job, it doesn't start till next week.

Every summer I get a temp job working at the local college helping out in admissions; this started 'cos my wife already works there, but I tend to get invited back every year, now. The work usually involves adding the info about new students into the database using the horrifically awkward front end system they have. Last year I was taking photos of people and printing out ID cards as well.

Every year, someone has a great idea on how they will interview and admit about three thousand students in a matter of days, and it never works. Huge queues are everywhere, I build piles of incorrectly filled in forms for students that I can't track down, new kids have to do without ID cards and can't get on to the computers in the lab upstairs, etc. etc. etc... This year, once again, they wanna do it all in less than two weeks, starting week after next. So what am I doing for the first week? Well, I went in to see yesterday... what I'll be doing is: "Checking the woman in charge's email and deleteing spam 'cos she's away for the week and doesn't want to come back to hundreds of useless messages." O.K. So that'll take up five minutes a day, and then.... well I guess I'll be noding. This time last year, I was obsessed with blogging, but my weblog has died and gone to hell now, so E2 will become the target of my boredom during this summer....

Oooooh, fuck I'm ill. Not like really ill. Y'know, I'm not in hospital or anything, but I'm surrounded by Obas Oil, snot-filled tissues amd things containing paracetamol. It started on Sunday night whilst we were up at the Pub Quiz at the Kents Tavern with an incredibly sore throat. Then I woke up yesterday morning feeling like I was made of a mixture of lead and dog shit. Today, I do actually feel a bit better, and I think I'll be OKish by tomorrow.

So I'm at home, alone, ill, and bored. What to do, but node? Traditionally, when I'm ill I sit on the sofa with all my aforementioned supplies, plus lots of Coke and blueberry muffins watching lots of BBC News 24 and Ghostbusters on DVD. Well, since I wrote my last node last night... I think I'll have a game of Lords of Chaos... Is that nodevertising? Nah.... just a statement of fact, surely... and who the hell as actually read this far into my drivel-filled daylog? Cheers, peeps!