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In the mornings, I drive up to Uni and, if I haven't got anything urgent to do, I get a newspaper, some fags and a coffee and then sit around reading one, drinking one and smoking the other. This morning, this comfortable setup was disturbed by an article about Michael Howard's new direction for his Tory party in the run up to the general election.

To be honest, I find Michael Howard unsettling for so many reasons. There's the obvious point that he's a Tory. This is intensified by the fact that he's not just any Tory - he was actually part of Thatcher's cabinet. Then there's the less-serious point that he looks evil, and the, altogether more personal point, that he has my Dad's first name and my Mother's maiden name*. For some reason, this makes it feel like he's trying to invade my family. Actually, for very similar reasons, so does Howard Hughes, but he's less dangerous because he's dead. And he was insane. And he was kind-of cool. And rich (so he'd be perfectly welcome to join my family).

Anyway, now he's using the anti-immigration thingy again. Y'know - stop them bleedin' scroungers comin' in 'ere, stealin' our jobs and our wimin' etc. etc. etc.etc.. Which I find quite odd for a Jewish second-generation immigrant himself. Anyway, read the article at http://politics.guardian.co.uk/columnist/story/0,9321,1397903,00.html 'cos I want you to. It's clever and makes a bloody good point.

So there's been a big gap in time between my daylogs. This is for several reasons:

  1. I had a weblog, so I posted inanities on there
  2. I've had work to do
  3. I haven't really visited e2 for quite some time
  4. Nothing has happened to me

However, I have since decided to kill my weblog. I kept a backup on my own pc for reference but I find it's just a big wate of time. I end up spending so much time fiddling with css and stuff to get it all looking cool, but noone actually reads it. And the really stupid thing is: when someone does read it, it makes me feel unconfortable.

I have now, therefore, just a really simple moblog. I like having a moblog, cos I can just send piccies to it from my phone, but otherwise forget about it, and It's actually quite cool looking back through it. I'm not writing anything; just posting photos. Whenever I feel like writing something, I'll node it instead. If it doesn't fit anywhere else, I'll daylog it, but the point is: if it's not interesting, I won't daylog it, so I'll only write the good stuff**..... maybe.

Anyway. Life update. I'm now in my final year at University. I've also got a new job. I'm a casual sub-editor* for a local newspaper. My brother's Assistant Sports Editor there, and I turn up on a Saturday night to help with all the sport reports that come in sometime around 6.00-8.30 and need to be in the paper for the 9.30 deadline. The people there are interesting and cool and the job makes a change from things like writing Needleman Wunsch Algorithm implementations in perl.

By the way. I just want to agree with Myrkabah's post on the sniffley, sneezy bit. I'm currently sat in the linux workshop at Uni surrounded by tissues with nasty green lumpy stuff squidged into them. Poor me :-( Altogether now: Aaaaaaah.

* Oh God! Everyone can break into my bank accounts now... oh well.... help yourselves to my cancelled overdraft.
**This inane daylog post is, presumably, my last.

July 13, 2004 | index | February 7, 2005