I don’t know what this feeling is called, but its an inexplicable feeling I get every so often. It is a sort of mix of melancholy, but also loneliness and peacefulness- not unpleasant, just an odd feeling.

Its the feeling of an asian businessman, by himself ruminating over a bowl of noodle soup or nursing a beer at midnight. Its dawdling through the glass door for a smoke break in the alleyway, a brief respite from a day of hard work. Its quietly reading the newspaper in the dim light of a train carriage clanking its way home. Its a stroll in the cool evening air of the park simply because you couldn’t be bothered with the plastic pomp on tv. Common themes I notice are an asian man in a business suit, night time, quietness and being alone.

Actually, I think I know why I feel so odd now.

Because its me in the future.