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Why do I rub people the worng way? Let me clairify.(As you may have known, I dont usually explain myself clearly. So I will try to do better.) I hope this works. Am I doing this parenthisis thing right? Should I spellcheck, I dont know! (So I was thinking I could make my jokes funny to other people by elaborating.) (Sometimes though, you can explain a joke to death.) I wonder if that is an actual phrase because it sounds pretty catchy. (I would like to somehow examine what it is about my particular sense of humor that is a deturant to people enjoying the punch line.) You know other than it not being funny and the person's reaction is the punch line, like repeating the same dead baby joke too many times. (This is something I will reflect upon in the up and coming weeks.) Perhaps you should do the same. (P.S. The parenthesis joke, only a slight smirk but a slight chuckle at the amount of downvotes I am expecting to get due to your annoyance in reading this, enjoy!)