Positive Pothead Prophecies: is when a dull person is enlightened and sees the good in things with no concern over the importance and ligitmacy. An example, Mail couriers are required to deliver so many negative things on an everyday basis and are despised for that very reason, so when by chance you see a courier in the middle of their daily duties by simply waving to them it will bring you luck for the rest of the day. Another; the face wash forehead scrub-a-dub is when you see the user of the face wash in a commercial avoid washing their forehead, noticing this will bring notice to your complexion. Then there is the last pickle vinegar rubdown, the idea behind this one is, if you come upon the last pickle in the pickle jar, you must eat the pickle, drink the juice, and dab some on your wrists and neck below the ears, a very productive day will ensue with a very minute amount of distractions occuring. The last one for today, if you take a big hit and it knocks the wind out of you and then you barf, good Ideas are bound to follow.