The Conspiracy Theory

Many suspect DIA is a part of C.O.G. (Continuity of Government), or a Continuity of Operations Plan. If true, this would confirm an underground military facility in the proximity of Denver International Airport, and the underground train connected to a nuclear resistant bunker. The strange murals, the couple Gargoyles, and an oddly dedicated capstone found in DIA would also indicate secret operations in our government.

DIA is one of the newest airports to be built in N. America, and is located fairly close to the center of the conterminous United States. The reasoning behind the location would be all flights from inside the U.S. would roughly be the same length, with the only exception Colorado is closer to Cheyenne Mountain than other states. Sorry Kansas, it is much easier to connect with NORAD when you are in the same state. Thanks to DIA having an underground train to provide the only access between the three terminals, it would not be difficult to connect with the labyrinth of tunnels and bases already carved into the Rocky Mountains. More proof of a underground military base; up to five buildings have been buried as deep as eight stories because they had been built in the "wrong spot". Also, a few of the construction workers told stories privately about riding an elevator down multiple stories to paint and hang drywall, but were afraid to go public with their stories. This and, the general contractors would fire the sub-contractors after completing the work on a section, and new people brought in to finish the job. This process of compartmentalization prevents any leaked classified information of having any relevancy to the project.

A small group with in a major secret society or shadow government has been giving the public clues of plans of the future world. These plans, inscribed in eight languages on a marble monument in Georgia, bare the passage, "Let these be guide stones to an age of reason". A clear message is provided with the first point, "Maintain humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature", this is reinforced by the set of murals painted in DIA.

For starters, the title on the first mural describes it perfect, "In Peace and Harmony with Nature". Children of different ethnic groups are coming together around a glowing plant. A Snow leopard and a grey wolf have brought their cubs. A beautiful bird in flight along with other animals has gathered with the children. The background is a colleague of habitats corresponding to the species of animal in that area. The second mural, the background is a forest fire, and the kids are gathering around three graves. Some new animals are included but represented as being dead in some way, for example, a mounted buffalo’s head. The bird from before still appears in flight only now enclosed in a glass case with plaque naming it as a Quetzal. The line below is the scientific name, the bottom line is printed the word "Extinct", followed by a line for a date. In the spot for the date, a question mark.

The last mural is also divided into two parts, and this time connected by a rainbow. Again, the people of the world are coming together to make a big group. Wrapped in their Nation's flag they carry swords to a German boy wearing lederhosen. The boy is beating swords into plowshares with a hammer and an iron fist. In the foreground sits two doves on the ruins of a military figure wearing a gas mask and holding a gun. Follow the rainbow to the right, the figure wearing the gas mask now stands towering over refugees and women holding their lifeless babies. In one hand is his gun the other a sword stabbing a dove. On his cap is an eagle with its wings spread out, resembling the emblem of the Third Reich, only the swastika below is missing. In the lower right corner painted into the mural is a piece of paper. On the paper, a poem written by a 14 year old Jewish boy in Auschwitz concentration camp.

I was once a little child who long for other worlds.
But I'm no more a child for I have known fear, I have learned to hate...
How tragic, then, is youth which lives with enemies, with gallows ropes.
Yet, I still believe I only sleep today.
That I'll wake up, a child again, and start to laugh and play.

When the artist Leo Tanguma was first interviewed, he said the guidelines for the murals were given to him. Later when asked again, he seemed to have forgotten someone had lent a helping hand. Now, there have been parts of his murals completely covered up or altered. It is possible it was due to the nature of the paintings, but more likely it's due to the artist's initial comments. Oddly DIA's art director claims, it is not because of the painting, his goal is to show new artwork. This does not explain the alteration of the other murals. The paintings are telling the world of the Freemason's vision for humanity, but someone is trying to have the story silenced.

Freemason’s date back to Ancient Egypt, and their role was masters of the slaves building their temples. This is possibly how the secret society created its current name, by being a Freemason; you were a master of the enslaved masons. Freemasons are famous for building cathedrals with arches and vaulted ceilings. Notre Dame de Paris was designed by an unknown Master mason, and during construction no cost was spared to exemplify the accomplishments of the French. This bares very close resemblance to how DIA was drastically over budget. In addition to all the marble, DIA's gargoyles go by the name of Notre Denver, hypothetically making DIA a cathedral. The Freemason insignia engraved on the DIA’s capstone further support the theory. The engraving then lists the contributors of the new world airport commission, it dedicates the Jepppesen terminal as a grand lodge, and inconspicuously mentions a time capsule.

If our government is made up of secret societies interested only in their own agendas; they would pull strings and people’s backs would get scratched, and what they accomplish may seem minute but they get things done. Take the fact DIA does not have operation restrictions, this allows the military to utilize the facilities runways if the proper occasion should rise.

DIA's runways at first glance form a pinwheel then slowly a swastika appears. The swastika allows up to 12 runways that do not cross over each other. There are currently six functioning runways, and the last two, buried under four feet of dirt. Most likely the "wrong spot" story again, but uncovering those runways would make one bad ass airfield. With the six runways already in use, DIA brags about the ability of landing three planes at a time, imagine the possibility with eight runways.

If DIA is a part of C.O.G. the true cost becomes imaginary and there will always be information unknown by the public. There are other facts that could prove a cover up. Consider, even with the meticulous attention paid to each detail, because it was such colossal project, it still failed to meet opening deadlines for 14 months. For what, a five billion dollar Teflon tent, it is a secret the public may never know.

This is only a synopsis and not a lame, unconvincing attempt to prove anything as true. All research gathered over several months prior to the interest of this writing.