I have noticed a serious malfunction with the term asexual as a definition for a person lacking the desire to fornicate. In biology, it is taught the definition to mean having no apparent sex or sex organs. To me this is not someone who has the proper tools but does not use them; asexual should be reserved for the people born with congenital absences. If for some reason a person is repulsed by sex or just indefferent, this is not cause to be called asexual. I do not care if this is the most widely accepted definition, it is at conflict with the original definition. Those who are androgynous could call themselves asexual if they choose but only very loosely at most because in most cases it is not possible for someone with androgyny to reproduce by themselves and most commonly are quite distinct in their phenotype. However that is besides the point, there are far better terms for people that are not interested in coitus, please choose one and move on. Can I suggest hypo-sexual, non-erotic or even antisexual, but whatever the choice please stop diluting the English language with this ignorance. Thank you.