describes him as a researcher from the endangered field of "birdsy-woodsy" biology. Indeed, Edward O. Wilson has gone through experiences that most other scientists have not gone through, perhaps giving him a position to synthesize knowledge. He grew up in the deeply religious Southeast and read the Bible two times. He merely matriculated at the , upon where the professor intrduced him to a book by , which sparked his interest in evolution and led his path to religious doubt (although he continues to respect religion). And this is what he does in his landmark book, named "Sociobiology - the new Synthesis". Throughout his life, he becomes an advocate of synthesis. This idea is carried on later on in his book . One might find it interesting that ants were his original field of research => and that with such a categorical research field, there had to be a synthesizer somewhere.

Interestingly enough, is centered on one of E.O Wilson's ideas, directly or not. In his book , E.O Wilson identifies the need for a unit of culture for the reduction of the social sciences to the hard sciences. He calls this unit of culture the "node", and distinguishes the word from the Dawkinian neologism . The "node" is the smallest unit of culture, upon which higher orders of connections between nodes exist.

He happens to be one of the founders of one of the competing sects of neo-Darwinism. One of the sects consisted of the neo-Marxists and , the other of him, , and . While he is careful to distance himself from , he became a victim of highly charged attacks from neo-Marxist liberals.