I have become paralysed when it comes to writing in daylogs. Why? My partner, who was the one to introduce me to everything, reads them. Sometimes I just want to write about crap, express it in some way and, since I don't really have anyone around to say the stuff to, I want to spill it out into a daylog without caring what anyone thinks. go here

I cannot
I find myself unable to write anything for the fear of thinking they'll read it.
Being me, I created a nick which includes one of the two nicks I use everywhere on the 'net. This means my partner knows who I am on everything! No spilling out for me. Maybe I should have created a different username, but I didn't, and I have no wish to create a new one as what I've written so far on everything is mine and should be under the same name I use, if you know what I mean.

So, quite frequently I find myself with stuff to fill the daylog with, and just as frequently I end up writing nothing. Z, if you end up reading this, I love you. I'll get over it, do not deny yourself the reading of these daylogs, as they're waaaay too interesting to stop reading.