I work in a retail shop selling computers. The company just opened a new store and I got transferred. It's been so quiet, I've found myself reaching further and further into the depths of the internet for entertainment. And so I find myself back at Everything2.

It's been a while. The content is still varied, interesting, and intelligent or cruisy as I wish depending on my mood and clicks. I try to vote on a scintillating writeup , but nothing happens. I check my homenode, and apparently my level is no longer high enough. Some investigation reveals I should recalculate my XP. I get my votes back. Casually, I check the rest of my homenode while I'm there and note that my last writeup was from over five years ago.

Five years? Where did the time go? Surely it hasn't been five years. Yet there is the date, July 2003.

Obviously, it's time to start noding again.