(Taken from my livejournal, because while I feel this should be noded, I also ain't typing it twice.)

Ok. Chronological order is the ony I'm going to be able to relay this coherently in one lot. Keep reading through the day's events, because they get _really_ good/bad about the time they're supposed to be quiet so you can get sleep.

First off, a friend read my livejournal entry for Wednesday about Tuesday night, and came and visited me. Nice friend :) We stayed around my computer for a while despite my headache the previous night until Z ICQ-ed the right combination of words to get me off: "* Z don't like you being all ill :( ". Ain't that sweet? So I got off the computer, and we decided we should probably get some food at Midland gate (shopping complex). Before we left, I realised I _still_ hadn't got a present for Z (as I've said before, they're soooo hard to buy for), so I looked while we were there and I actually found one. Yay! We had food, wandered around some more. I went into my acting-like-a-kid state/mood, and was also getting depressed again, but my friend bought me an ice-cream, and which kid can stay depressed after that? :)

Came back home, but by then kid-state turned into lethargic state *sigh*. So I made lotsa calls, got my shift for that night replaced, organised some stuff with my brother from Sydney, etc. My poor friend just sat on the couch the whole while I was on the phone for ages, so I invited for him to stay for tea and watch a movie. Was a good night. Friend went home, I got ready for bed, and convinced Z they wanted to come to bed too.

Here's where it gets good/bad. Z, as usual, made it to bed before me. They were reading, with their feet on the hot water bottle. When I get in, they always push the hot water bottle over for my freezing cold feet to use. This time, they made some motions for that effect, and then started screaming and thrashing about in the covers. Kinda like how I'd react if I thought a huge spider was crawling on me under the covers. I was going "What?! what?!" and they were getting out of those covers _fast_. We found out we needed a new hot water bottle in a horrible way. Poor Z's feet were all burnt, and some of the boiling water with a nasty streak splashed up onto the back of one of their thighs, although not too big a patch. Eep. So with pained Z, and wet bed, the night was already eventful.

The doona was completely wet, so we dragged it out and threw it over the clothesline. The blankets survived, so we dragged them into the lounge room for a new bed consisting of a single bed mattress for my side and the cushion things from the lounge chair for Z's side. It was kinda like camping, only with no stars. We both wore our jackets to bed, and I put on double socks (_very_ cold feet). It's about 11/11:30pm by this time. Z couldn't get to sleep cos they were hurting too much.

At 12am, more events happened. The Tractor (Holden Jackaroo) had been stolen the previous night. Z had told me about it when they were making tea, but I didn't hear despite them saying later I had acknowledged it *heh*, so I asked later after dropping my friend back home and they told me again. So, at 12am, the cops called up and said they had found it (Z had reported it stolen) in Claremont, right near the train station. No sleep for us! We got a little more dressed, although we were mostly dressed already from trying to be warm, and then I drove Z out to where The Tractor was. Looks like they didn't just steal the stereo and sub-woofers (while leaving behind what Z says is a really good amp (an Alpine of some sort) ), but they also took it joy-riding. It ran like shit when we found it, but Z thought it might make it home. It was not to be. A few hundred metres down the road they pulled over cos it was over-heating. We waited around for 40mins for the tow guy to turn up in the cold, which was good for Z's bare burnt feet. At 2:30am, we're finally getting into bed again. Sleeeeeeeeeeeeep :)

Z slept in and called up work to tell them they weren't going in, but work had made a cake cos Saturday is Z's birthday. Their work always has cakes for people's birthdays there. So they went in anyway at about 10:30 this morning. They put shoes on too, much to my disgust, cos they took their motorbike. I offered to drive them in so they didn't have to wear shoes on their burnt feet, but they said their feet didn't really hurt anymore, even though the feet were really red. Their feet haven't blistered yet, I think mostly due to the freezing cold air while we were waiting for the tow guy.