This is the beginning to a write up which I have decided never to node as previously intended. It was to be noded under "Give a newbie a break", but now it shall become one with this daylog and never see the light of day anywhere else again.

This node is almost definitely slated to die. By it's very existence, it is begging to be downvoted, for Klaproth to come along and eat it. Indeed, as I type this in notebook, intending to copy and paste, I am debating creating this node, or adding it to a daylog, or even just shutting up and dealing with it. So, when this appears as a node, halt your mouse above the downvote. Let me explain why I did it.
You may say, "This isn't noding for the ages. You're being gratuitous" I disagree. This node is a testament to the bitter feelings any newbie gets for anything when they first decide to do something. It records the confusion at what seems to be unfairness, and lets other newbies vent their feelings by reading it rather than noding new nodes. To any new everythingians now reading this, please take heed of that last sentence and do not add a writeup to this node, but take comfort in the fact you're not alone.
You may downvote this node due to it's lack of stoicism (see: XP stoicism). Go ahead. I agree it's not that stoic, but in defense I say that it allows others to feel a little more comfortable in their stoicism, knowing they're not alone.

As you can see, I never got around to writing what I was intending to write, since the beginning is all about why I was going to and I placed it here before noding it (read: smart). Anyway, that's my two pennies for today