I was just wondering about something (I have a lot of free time in my hands so I can allow my thoughts to drift to the distant shores of stupidland often). What will happen if I do something totally stupid which does not make sense and most of all, does not fit my character ? How will anyone react ?

I've never had any money issues, I have never stole money from my parents and I never asked them for money I thought that was over what I deserved (luxuries, money that I don't need in order to survive...). But what will happen if I now take my credit card, go to my favourite record shop and blow a fat sum of money on 280 CDs ? I'm totally capable of that. Obviously, I'll overdraft my bank account, and since I don't have a job my parents will be forced to pay what I owe to the bank because they're my security.

But this doesn't, at all, goes with who I am. So how will they react ?

I'm just wondering, What will happen if I'll do it. Or anything else that the people I live around will not expect me to do (this was just an example). What if the closest person to you just did something you would've never imagined he'll do ?

What will you do if your SO told you he/she likes eating choclate-and-pickles sandwich naked while watching Bay Watch with German dubbing? What if your mom just came in and told you your grandmother has just ODed on heroin in a hotel room in Prague? What if uhhh.....just imagine something that you can't possibly imagine. And think how you would react.

You'd freak out.

This was just writing what I think for 5 minutes. Don't take me too seriously. I just wanted to provoke thoughts.