Yuen Biao was born Hsia Ling-Jun in Hong Kong on July 26th, 1957. His 'movie name', Yuen Biao means Young Tiger.

He's appeared in tons of HK movies, and martial arts titles, almost always demonstrating his incredible level of acrobatics. You may remember Enter the Dragon (1973, with Bruce Lee, John Kelly, and John Saxon), Dragons Forever (with Jackie Chan), Shaolin Men (1975, directed by John Woo, includes Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung), Wong Fei-hung (1991, aka Once Upon a Time in China with Jet Li), and most recently in Shanghai Noon (2000). In his long cinema career as actor, stuntman, stunt director, action choreographer, or director he's sometimes credited as Biao Yuen, Biao Yuan or Biu Yuen.

Yuen Biao is a longtime friend of Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung; They've appeared in numerous films together.