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(Node your homework for English Composition: Write a short essay about something that changes your normal disposition with a concluding statement to "reconcile" the two "yous".)

"Who Am I?"

I am basically an upbeat, friendly sort of geek. Generally, I like to go out with my wife and friends to play pool, watch movies, or maybe stay home and play some multiplayer video games. Most often we talk about current events, technology trends, or maybe more philosophical topics: what we want in life, where we are headed, what does love or friendship mean?

Sometimes, however, a family event of change in the weather will send me into a state of depression. When I'm depressed I am cynical, pessimistic and "bearable," if not merely subdued. I definitely won't go out for fun. In some cases I may not even want to work on a computer project. I may put off music I'm working on with friends. When I'm feeling the worst I even shy away from personal time with my wife.

With introspection and time, and a good talk with my sister (Julienne), wife (Kim), or one of my best buddies I will work through my funk. I know that I can reconcile these "two me's" by understanding and overcoming events and circumstances that lead to depression. Self-knowledge is a tool I use to balance my life.