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I am writing this node from the past, that is, I am writing this node for the future.

I can't decide what hour in the future it is right now - so I'll assume it's in the morning, maybe it's really early in the morning like 4 A.M. I should be in a hotel room in St. Louis (Missouri). I am here with a pair of my closest friends. We probably just got back from the bachelor party... or was it the rehersal dinner.

I am preparing for the most important day of my life.

When I was in the eighth grade I fell in love with a girl. In all honesty, she was not my first true love. The circumstance of our relationship seems in hindsight rather serendipitous. We were both in the chorus at Landon middle school in Jacksonville, Florida. Chorus had after school practice once a week on Wednesday, except on January 9th, 1991; On that day it was rescheduled for the next day. Kim could never stay after for practice except on January 10th, 1991, she had other obligations on Wednesday afternoons. On this one occasion where she could stay after school both I, and another chorus member, asked her out (in the schoolboy fashion of "going together", to be boyfriend and girlfriend).

Many years have past.

Now here, today, after spending years together, and years apart, after spending hours on the phone, after spending thousands of dollars flying and driving back and forth a thousand miles at a time, we will join ourselves together before family, friends, and even God (if s/he is up there).

I'll be putting on my tuxedo soon. My best man, Michael Dewberry will straighten my collar, and rush me to the church on time. My groomsmen, Jason Summerfield, Adam Deaton, Kirby Rolfe, and Mike D. will stand by me at the altar. The wedding march will play, and David Niemeyer will walk his daughter down the aisle. Kim will join her bridesmaids, Kathy Deaton (the matron of honor), Julienne (my sister), Stephanie, and Cicely Paine.

Today I will speak my vows, and in turns, Kim and I will say, "I do."

Tonight we'll celebrate! Tomorrow we'll fly home to Jacksonville. Monday we will take our first road trip together as Husband and Wife, our honeymoon trip to Key West.

When I wrote this it was a month until the wedding. I was beginning to get nervous, but now I know that everything will go on without a hitch, except one. *Grin*