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Ok - this has pushed me over the edge. I'm at work right now. At the cube next door the cell phone started ringing. 5 minutes later my neighbor just left crying. Her mom just died.

This is rather unsettling all on it's own. But death has been following me everywhere. Last night, my wife was telling me that her mother is moving to Steelville, to stay with her father to the bitter end. My grandfather-in-law is dying of cancer.

The night before that I had dreamt that my sister died. It was a long, vivid dream (nightmare) with an unexplained death and a long funeral. It was disturbing enough that I considered noding it in the dream log.

The day before there was a huge accident on my way to work (in Jacksonville at Kernan and John Turner Butler Boulevard). A man driving was distracted by his children, when he slammed into the car infront of him. This, in turn caused the struck car to cross over the median into oncoming traffic where the driver was killed. The children and oncoming driver where airlifted by LifeFlight. Shortly after the airlift, rubber necking had slowed traffic to a standstill. A Wells Fargo armored car could not slow to a stop in time and caused another four car pileup (inclusive). I never heard if there were more fatalities.

The beginning of all these strange coincedences was the day before that the lady, Darby, who lives above me (in Apartment 4) died. Kim was napping when firemen started banging on our door, when she opened it they rushed in, but then rushed back out, "Wrong apartment, ma'am."

Later when I came home, there were cops milling around gathering statements, or filing reports, or quelling rumors, or what have you. At that time neither of us knew what had happened. Later on, we went out of sushi. When we came home we ran into some people on the stoop.

"What's going on?" Kim asked.

"Oh, I'm Darby's sister. She's died. We're just gathering up some things. She's been sick for a long time."

The weird thing is, Darby was maybe in her forties. She had a son named Chance. She never seemed too sick to me. She was skinny though.

Addendum, April 14, 2002
Today while I was in the shower, Kim came in a little worked about about a dead kitten in the back yard. She needed me to bury it. And so it continues...

Addendum, April 15, 2002
I pulled up to a stoplight today and saw an injured seagull flapping about in the intersection. As a reached a complete stop a transit bus screamed by destroying it. :-(