A.K.A. 'The most amazing thing in the world (TM)'.

So I was sitting there, chillin with a few people in my bedroom and suddenly my best mate EJ goes "Oh, hey, I got you something", and whips out this little metal box, about 4 1/2 inches square, 3/4" high. Fighting the urge to yell "He's got a bomb !" and leap behind the bed, I ask him what it is. He explains and later demonstrates that its a Rolling Machine.

And yes, it does deserve both capital letters and bold type ;) Read on...

The box hinges open along one side to reveal a strip of thickish material, one end of which is attached to a roller which slides along the length of the box when the lid is opened or closed; this means that when the box is closed the strip is doubled over and when the box is open, it is almost fully unrolled, with a just little dip at the bottom. I supply EJ with tobacco and a pack of rizla and he fiddles with the box for about twenty seconds. Me and Beth, watching, are joking and giggling about how its never gonna work. Then everything goes silent as he starts to close the box. Out pops the most perfect-looking and well packed rollie you've ever seen.

I've never been so impressed in all my life. I spent the next ten minutes saying nothing but 'maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !' and 'whoah...'. If you have the means, I highly recommend you get one.