I went to a UJD show in 1999, at the Mermaid Lounge in New Orleans. I had been looking for another show's on-sale date, when I noticed their show listed in upcoming events. I quickly decided to go to that one instead.

I was one of about 8 people in attendance, including the 3-personopening act (who had never really heard of the masters of prog rock straight from Prague), the Lounge's owner, and a cute waitress. I talked to the lead singer of the band before the show. He was very polite and spoke in charming broken English, and finally answered my most burning question: "Just how do you pronounce your band's name, anyway?" (The answer was Oo J'muh Doe muh, and the name translates roughly into "Finally we are home.").

I asked him about the possibility of UJD appearing on a compilation disc I was organizing for charity, but unfortunately, he could only give me his agent's card, and I never could get that guy on the phone.

It was a brilliant show, as I sat by in the near-empty dive at a table with the opening act (who I rather liked but have forgotten the name of), admiring the sheer musicianship of the group, who seamlessly changed timing, tempo, and key. I left with no doubt that I had just seen one of the most talented bands on the face of the Earth.