A noisy-yet-cute Japanese rock band, the Pugs are what just might happen if Shonen Knife got into some interesting drugs and decided to go progressive.

Led by the charismatic and attractive Honey K, the Pugs dish out whimsically chaotic power-rock, with a surprising amount of (twisted) pop-style catchiness.

They performed in 1997 on the second stage of the Lollapalooza tour. At the tour's stop in Nashville, Honey was wearing a bright silver top and a skirt made out of two metal hoops and a circle of balloons. Her cartoonish appearance made for a stark contrast to her sultry, sexy movements on stage. She was then the image of shyness after the set, as the band stopped to sign autographs.

Moderately successful in Japan, the Pugs only had one semi-major release in the United States, the overlooked Bite the Red Knee, a very fun collection featuring thick guitars, the occasional horn, and lyrics in both English and Japanese. Highlights included "Mari in Love" and covers of The Champs' "Tequila" and Hot Butter's "Popcorn."