Uniq Fruit was discovered as an accidental seedling in Jamaica where it was propagated and exported beginning in the 1930’s. It is often marketed by the trademark name, ugli fruit, which is consistent with its unusual appearance. Ironically, it has an unbelievable taste despite its appearance. Uniq Fruit is a very unusual looking fruit, but the taste is sweet and juicy. Its taste is somewhere between a mandarin and a grapefruit. It is especially tasty peeled and sectioned right out of your hand. Uniq Fruit ranges in size from a large naval orange to that of a large grapefruit. Its thick skin makes it much easier to peel than other citrus fruits and usually ranges in color from lime-green to a light orange. Often, the skin has natural traces of mottling, bronzing, surface scarring or uneven coloring. Its insides are yellow-orange in color. It is relatively free of seeds and is very juicy once cut. Uniq Fruit is a wonderfully refreshing change of pace from the ordinary orange.