I was just thinking about all the drugs I'm on. I mean, the doctor felt they would be good for my "condition," but they require so much of me that I'm thinking about not using them. Yes, I'm thinking of not taking my... uhhh...

Retin-A and Benzamycin.

Ok, so I didn't have you fooled. I may be quirky, but I don't require psychotropics, yet. Still, it is true. I despise them. Retin-A makes my face disgusting, greasy and smelly, and Benzamycin dries my face up and gives me a light, refreshing chemical burn. Ugh. I will admit though, that they've near wiped out my zits.

On DMan: I intended to keep silent on the issue, mainly because I'm not some glistening member of the e2 gliterati, but the thought occured to me when this week's school paper came out. One of our columnists, (nameless), is an incredibly poor writer, with a sense of rebellious humor ripped from Andrew Dice Clay (read: all the idiocy and misoginy without the Lenny Bruce-ish satire). However, people feel that he's cutting and fresh, mainly because he barely understands sarcasm, and can use the passive voice decently. When it came out, I was talking to a friend about the article, and how horrid it was. She agreed.

Katie: I do think he's bad. A lot of friends though, have been duped into thinking that he's "subverting" the system.
Me: Yeah, but he's done it so much, it seems more like a pattern of conduct than anything.
Katie: Agreed.

So, what does this have to do with the issue at hand? Many people feel that he was eliminated as a political martyr. I don't. He was a troll. He was purely hateful. While I disagreed on a lot with him (privately. I'm too wimpy to debate), I did concede a few points. Ignore the man behind the curtain. Big Brother loves all of you. Jokes aside, I don't really miss him or his venomous harangues.

So, the school paper came out today. Luckily, I wasn't on layout detail, so it looked semi-decent. I got published. We watched "Camelot" in English.