This is a video game from the original NES system, featuring memorable characters such as Bop Louie and Freeon Leeon. The ultimate object of the game is to find three keys scattered throughout the world map and use them to unlock the Temple located in the center. In order to defeat the guardians and get the keys, Bop Louie must first rescue his friends and collect several items to aid him in his quest.

The game itself serves as a metaphor for drug use. Bop Louie, who is physically constructed to look like a drug-dealer, first finds his friends zombified, and they attack him; he ressurects them in a state of "ufouria," and they begin to see the world in color and help him. The rest of the world is constructed like an actual LSD trip. The enemies assume acid-induced shapes, such as a bouncing mouth with a tongue hanging out or a large frog that spits out smaller frogs. The clouds make angry faces and bounce around in the sky. Even the platforms are staring or smiling at Bop Louie, and they extend their white tongues for him to use as a rope.

There is one real boss in the game: a frightening naked figure with giant lips and googly eyes. His shape becomes more and more distorted every time Bop Louie faces him, however, and he eventually gains flying or swimming abilities and becomes very difficult. This evolution of the boss parallels the stages of a drug addiction. Like any major drug, his first meeting is simple and euphoric, and he gradually becomes more and more frightening and difficult to control.

Playing the game in itself is a euphoric experience; its bright colors and trippy events leave the player with the type of hangover that always follows some kind of substance abuse.