I went to the Family Values Tour 2001 show in (well, near) Detroit last night. It was a very good show. The group I was with got there about 7:15, 15 minutes after it was supposed to start. That wasn't a problem though, since it actually wasn't anywhere near ready to start. When we arrived, the lines still stretched well outside the building, and were slow moving, due to the security. We finally were let in about 7:30.

First up was Static X. Not exactly my taste in music, but they had a good performance, and did a good job warming up the crowd for the rest of the show.

Next up was Linkin Park. LP, along with Staind, were my main reasons for coming to the show. They put on an amazing performance. Just an extreme amount of energy. That, along with getting the crowd involved, made them probably the best performance of the night. A very close second would go to Staind. An amazing performance, the highlight of was the song "Outside", which was done very softly in contrast with the rest of the show. Everyone with lighters held them up, and everyone sang along. Another interesting moment was when Wayne Static (lead of Static X) came back out and sang with Staind.

The final performance of the night was Stone Temple Pilots. They did a good job, but the general consensus was that their music and performance style didn't quite mesh with the other groups. The high point of their performance was Kid Rock performing a song with STP. With Kid Rock being a Detroit native, the crowd went nuts.

And that was the night. Very tired today, skipped work, and just dozed through my classes. But hey, it was worth it.