Today was a good day. I went to get my hair cut yesterday and I was so skeptical about it. I have had long hair for so long, but it was so dry, damaged, and hard to maintain.So I caved in and walked to my nearest hair cuttery and cut my hair,which is now shoulder length. When I walked in to school today I got a shower of compliments and I was the center of attention which I have never been because I am so shy and am hardly noticed for my lack of speech. I am not conceited or shallow, but who could blame anyone for having feelings of acceptance although I don't appreciate that it was for my new hair cut. Later that day I wanted to sign up to get a job at an ice cream parlor near my house, but was rejected, by my parents. "No daughter of mine is going to work at some fast food place." So here I am marveling at the lack of weight on my head and waiting to recieve a reply from my parents at which job I could work at.