Well, I don't celebrate Christmas, but my grandma's birthday was today. She was her usual grumpy self in the morning but a good lecture from my mother set her straight and she was nice and sweet the rest of the day. We got her a sweater and flowers. Then, in the afternoon, we had dinner and we wished her a happy birthday. She smiled(she never smiles)and said thank you. Then we ate the delicious dinner that my mother made. Today is also sad day because today is also the day that my grandpa died. I was four or five, I can't remember.

I feel really bad for my grandma because imagine your spouse dying on your birthday, but we haven't talked about him today. Usually at the end of the day I'm sitting near my grandma and she says," It has been 10 years since he died." Then she would sigh and walk away, but not today. I dislike my grandma but I still love her and I think the only reason she is a bitch is because of all the pain she has been through.