Today was unusually cold. Three people were killed by a tornado and 90 something more injured. From what I heard, it barely missed us.

So I woke up, got dressed, and headed for the bathroom. After washing up, I put on my eyeliner, lipstick, and concealer with powder. I went down for breakfast which consisted of rose jam on toast with tea. Then I pulled on my black boots, adjusted my bondage bracelets, and walked out of the house.

At school, they were doing this stupid Every Fifteen Minutes Program which was about drunk driving and they took a student out of class ever fifteen music to pretend that they are dead to show that every fifteen minutes a person dies from accidents caused by drunk driving. Then they set up this fake car accident and covered the guy's face with fake blood while his parents took pictures of him. That was sick, so my friends and I decided to skip it.

I hate my sixth period class. It is English and it is the worst class because I hate the teacher and I hate the girl who sits behind me and I hate all the pro-communist remarks written on my desk. The teacher is a pedophile. I see his eyes moving up and down my body and I can see how disgusted he is for thinking this way about a young girl and even though he is like this, he still manages to give me unreasonable grades. With his other students he laughs, but with me he grows unusually quiet, stutters a little, and I watch his eyes and see them glance downwards at my tight shirt and tight pants and I guess in a way I'm inviting it, but the tease is fun. But he wasn't here today and I was glad for this.

After school, I went to work and was happy to finally relax. I'm one of those book shelvers. I love this job, it's so peaceful. Then I sneaked into the backroom and indulged myself wih my beloved NNY. What a wonderful day.