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"Each idea turned into an action can change the world. The Challenge to every individual is "will yours be positive or negitive?" TLC
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Working my way across a path of purpose, set by my own moral center. Living the dream it seems, set in the Midwest although born and raised in Northern Cali.
The first 18 years of my life I ate , breathed, tasted the dirt of California, not only as a farmers daughter but in 4-H livestock. Walking the sand and surf each chance life would afford, by age 16 I had already been to Washington D.C. for the 4th of July, I had waded in the reflecting pool at the National Mall, to the sounds of the Beach Boys playing Live to half a Million people on the 4th of July. I had been a representative of my Great State of Calif.,to Chicago for 4-H, which I served in for 10 years, and oh, what a blissful sight watching the stores ready for Christmas. This solidified my love of travel. Living in a part of California where trips to Tahoe for snow skiing was a mere two hours and the same weekend would allow Santa Cruz or San Francisco. The Fresh food along pier 39, the smell of Clam Chowder and Fresh fish , combined with sourdough bread is seeped in my blood ,that, and the juice of fresh fruits picked with the morning fog as it rolls back off the bay.The sight of the redwoods towering over our small family summer cabin rented for a few days after camping in Bigfoot country off the beaten path on the roaring Snake river pouring into the Klamough, with Salmon as thick as fall leaves,jumping high making their way across our fishing lines. Now all gone due to commercial fishing nets that were deemed cruelty free fishing by nature lovers.
Life moved quick as I moved up the corporate latter inbut it was short lived as, I watched and worked in an industry that boomed and vanished almost overnight.(computer sales) I wrote a small computer column in a local paper to try to help people with their computers. I was lucky to learn all I could in every job I had and I took my knowledge with me . As an Air Force wife of nearly 25 years have worked as many as four jobs at one time to try an help our family earn its goal of being able to spend time together on our on farm. I served in Law Enforcement, Managed a Fortune 500 branch, Director of Sales in Hotels, worked a few jobs that made fiction seem safe,worked and volunteered as a county reserve deputy, as well as a US Marshall aboard, "Con Air". This allowed me to continue to see the world taking people back to countries from where they had committed the most heinous crimes on some of the most beautiful beaches. It also allowed me to study the Federal prison system and think of what could be done to save money. I served in local Law Enforcement and my favorite position, Animal Control, where I could truly help the public as well as the police and or Fire Dept as needed.
I was elected in to public office to fulfill the promises I made to the people. I was very lucky to be able to be able to make my promise, I served my four years and moved on with a belief that you only hold the office for as long as you can help the people.My goal was to open a local Rodeo arena and park to bring in local commerce and give the youth of our town a place to learn skills to help them earn college scholarships. The park is still open today. Holding office however to only hold a title should be a crime with what we need in this nation. I was even lucky enough, or crazy, to have my own AM Radio show promoting the hotel I worked for and talking about agriculture and 4-H.
I have been shot at, run over by livestock, down a flight of stairs backwards, have a steel plate in my neck. I have never smoked, it makes me sick to my stomach, I think it is because one of my parents did back before they knew it could kill everyone in the car.Now that they know what it can do, I think they should give you a ticket if they see you driving or sitting in a car smoking with your kids in the car with you.( I will admit I still love those candy marshmallow cigarettes) I wish I could prevent every child from being exposed to drugs and expose every child to community service instead. I believe they are both as addictive.
I have seen people at their worst and their best overall I would rather take them at their best. I like knowing even bad guys will often do the right thing when given choices. I have traveled to every state in America and try to help people every chance I get. That doesn't make me any better than anyone else, it just means I seek purpose. I love the beaches and respect people that live on them .I think the people of Galveston deserve a medal of honor for never complaining and just doing what needs to be done.
Across our nation I see so much work we need to accomplish, with that in mind, I cannot believe anyone would think we need to just give out hard earned tax money in the form of a stimulus check because there is not enough jobs .I have learned that people like to be paid for a hard days work. It makes them feel of value. People who work deserve to feel respect and I think they need that , I believe it helps reduce crime. I think that the same money labeled for stimulus could be put to use fixing roads and bridges and towns and parks across America. After all I thought that was what tax was supposed to be for to begin with. That could then create work, if only, just for a little while. It perhaps could help people work an intern job so that they could lean how to do more of the same work even at a different time.At least they will be in the system as having some experience on roads or bridges etc. Use the money to get things done and pay the people for doing them. People will respect the money they work for and it will mean more.
Last but not least, I believe that the groups of 10 million plus people that don't want to eat meat and eggs and milk and fish, have that right. I just don't believe that they have the right to push their dangerous beliefs on the rest of the 300 million people in the United States. As theirs is a non Christian belief and no matter what the belief is, it is still of religious , in the meaning that it is there own practice and thought . I don't believe they, Congress, have the right to use , facts and opinions over that of true proven facts and figures of say for instance the Agriculture Dept, to create and push Bills thru Congress that have nothing to do with the Safety and Welfare of the People of America and everything to do with personal beliefs. Their believes are directly against the teaching in the very Bible that our constitution was founded on. Therefore when they went to the House for HR 503 to Ban the Slaughter of Horses in the United States I think it was unconstitutional for this to even come to a vote. The vote put hundreds of thousands of people out of work in 2006 and at a cost of approx. $65 million in US export. It also created bad feeling between Europe and instead of the US helping in the world food crisis where more than 12 percent of the population is starving and needs help, we are tossing eighty thousand horses a year into landfills. The horses are also stacking up in rescue yards eating good grain and corn, horse that can no longer be ridden and if well fed can live on until over the age of 40 plus years. This food could feed people instead of unwanted horses. In Oklahoma more and more horse are being dumped or when they die left on the side of the road as the owners cannot afford the landfill fee or to haul them to the landfill. All because a few groups of people do not believe in eating meat, fish, eggs, milk. While we do not eat horse now in America we have in our history especially during the great Depression when it helped many a family. I have seen families eating much worse and no one is donating food to them. Horse was first animal to be banned, the rest is to follow, and taking all guns are the means to stopping hunting. No matter that it means not being able to protect ones family or not being able to hunt or fish for much needed food for a family. This is not the main concern or mission statement of the groups involved. These are costly bans and attacks on American farmers and with America in financial trouble this must stop as it is as much to blame as Wallstreet.When you put an entire industry out of work you have to expect consequences. The horse slaughter industry was put out of business in 2006 in America what has happened since should be the biggest question being asked,as well as how can we fix the damage to our nation. Meanwhile today 02/02/09 over 800 food products are being pulled from the shelves by the FDA, due to salmonella virus. Our food supply is quickly becoming unsafe in America and yet no action is being taken by Congress with the exception of more possible bans on shipping horses to Canada and or Mexico where processing has now opened as demand has continued overseas for the products the US can no longer supply. With job losses looming how much work can we continue to turn away in the name of personal belief?
My life has had so much purpose and My family and friends and mentors have given me so much hope to what can be accomplished in the future by educated generations. I live and breath my concerns daily. I hope that by sharing my vast life experiences with others like yourselves I can learn to be a better writer. I work to help so many groups that and have so many experiences I would like to learn to put on paper I am hoping that I can learn from all of the good writers I have experienced in the few times I have been to this site.

My Favorite Book : To Kill A Mockingbird

Weirdest Group of Favorits I have: Tom Robbins Books

Books That Made Me Wonder : Jack Finney's Time and Again and From Time To Time

Author that can make me Laugh : Janet Evanovich
Author I admire: Bob Burke