Several years ago, I met someone. Smart, deep, funny, tough...  I had no idea what was happening only that I wanted more and more until I felt I was burdening myself on this person. Then they got busy and I figured that I was correct - I was wanting more than I should ask for. But... 

Such deep, longing for someone I haven't touched. I've met this person, many times - the interaction is more than a good match. I feel the friendship and the caring that I've never felt before. And she will be loved? How does she know what loved is? She knows from what she's shared with one that seemed to move in her and reach her icy heart. Now, it's melting - I feel its beat in my skin and the blood roars in my ears - my heart.

But now how does she reach him?!? It hurts to feel his presence, know he's somewhere near, and I have yet to find how to find him. Am I out of my mind? Absolutely, and proud of it! I can't imagine letting go of this feeling / this person / this chance of understanding and happiness.

And I almost want to cry because I've sat here and probably wasted time and Life is too short to take forever to figure out how to get back into a person - to have that person in you - and learn each other for as long as we can.