Product Life-Cycle for the phenomenal craze of 'Micro Scooters'
(business studies 101)

Introduction: Phase One
Scooter seen demonstrated on cool lifestyle programs such as The Priory and nowhere else. Mildly amusing, provokes little reaction other than to wonder which overpaid young demographic might first succumb to this latest fad. Not annoying at this stage.

Growth: Phase Two
Scooter makes its way onto Blue Peter whose overpaid young presenters tell us (in between stints at the Priory) that the new scooters are the latest fad. And everybody agrees with them.

Maturity: Phase Three
The stage at which the product attains saturation point i.e. 'everyone' has one. Micro scooter mayhem reaches its nadir - grown men spotted whizzing across Leeds City Station in rush hour fury, scooter seen on not-so-cool daytime TV programs such as This Morning*

Decline: Phase Four
The product 'dies'. A good analyst (I am not one of these) will tell you that the ideal stage to start developing the next product is phase three, a good friend will tell you not to bother in the first place.

*Speaking as I do, as a cynical member of generation X with a few hours to kill during the day, there is more than a little amusement to be gained from this program. However, this is in no way meant to be an attack on Richard and Judy, their show just conveniently illustrates a point I was (unsuccessfully) making. Thank you. :)