Somalian born supermodel/actress/makeup mogul born July 22, 1955.

When she was discovered and brought to New York to begin her modelling career, the press had a field day reporting that the exotic African beauty was discovered herding goats and living a nomadic life in her dusty homeland. In actuality, Iman's father was once the Somalia Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and her mother was a nurse. She was attending the University of Nairobe studying political science when a fashion photographer spotted Iman and pursuaded her to start modeling. Her long elegant neck and flawless face made her an instant celebrity in a modelling world still obsessed with blonde and perky Stepford Wives.

In 1989 she stopped modelling full-time and devoted herself to an acting career. She's appeared in several movies including: Out of Africa, Star Trek, No Way Out and the gawd awful Rosie O'Donnell vehicle Exit to Eden.

In the early 1990s she turned her attention to founding a cosmetics line for women of color called IMAN. The line was first introduced in JC Penney department stores and sold out in it's first few weeks. Today it is a multi-million dollar company that has branced out to include haircare and bodycare products.

Iman has two daughters, one by former husband and ex-NBA star Spencer Haywood and another by current hubby David Bowie.