Refers to the Brazilian method for removing hair from a woman's yoni that is currently all the rage among Hollywood starlets, porn stars, fashion magazine beauty editors, and basically anyone into s&m with $40 to spare.

The look was popularized by a group of Brazilian sisters in New York. At the "J Sisters" salon in Manhattan, one has to book up to two weeks in advance for the "privilege" of stripping completely from the waist down; sitting spread eagle in a private booth; having talcum powder sprinkled liberally over one's entire labia; watching a mixture of honey-like concoction spread over the area; and then having all one's public hair from the anus to the navel ripped out in a few sweeping (and incredibly painful) motions. For the more conservative woman, a tiny Hitler-like mustache of hair can be left on for character.

According to an article in Salon magazine, everyone from Gwyneth Paltrow to Vanessa Williams is having it done every six weeks.Michael Hutchence ex-girlfriend Paula Yates reportedly flies in from London to get her lawn manicured by the famous J Sisters.