An electonic fuse is essentially a mixture of a match and a fuse, along with some wires. An electronic fuse is not a fuse as such, but more of an ignitor.

An electronic fuse consists of:

  • Wires (2)
  • Some smokeless gunpowder (or equivalent)
  • a small heating coil
                    /                    \
wire----------------------o               |
                          ยง               |
wire----------------------o               |
                    \                    /

The little § sign is the heating coil, the big thing is the gunpowder, and the wires are the wires :) I was never a renowned ASCII artist, nor will I ever be.

In any case: when there is electric current passing through the wires, the heating coil gets hot and ignites the gunpowder, which then burns long enough the ignite whatever the igniter was ment to ignite (such as pyrotechnic effects). This process happens very very quickly (a few hundreths of a seconds at the most), which takes the guesswork out of pyrotechnics.

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