Making a turn in a car, across a lane of traffic

(i.e 'waiting to turn right' in the UK and other countries that drive on the left, and 'waiting to turn left' in countries that drive on the right)

You've got your pride and joy in one piece, and you wanna keep it that way? Then be careful when you are about to make a turn across a lane of traffic.

Turns out that, in the UK, 'waiting to turn right' is one of the most dangerous things you can do out on the roads - hell, a recent police report on accidents had a whole section dedicated to these types of accidents!

Basically, while you are waiting to turn right, your motor is preparing to move across oncoming traffic. You have to judge the speed and distance of the vehicles coming across you, bearing in mind fast moving motorbikes, and slower road users such as cyclists, pedestrians, and all that lot. Getting that judgement right is one of the hardest things any driver ever does.

The most important thing is to keep your wheels pointing straight ahead, and not into the turn. That way, if you are hit from behind by some half-blind numpty with more alcohol in their bloodstream than a uni fresher and no driving skill worth speaking of, you're more likely to be pushed straight forward - a minor accident - than being sent into oncoming traffic, which could be nasty indeed.

In fact, not only is it safer to complete the steering manoeuvre in one go, you will also avoid "dry steering". That is when you twist the tyres round when they are not rolling, which wears tyres and strains the steering, too.

So kids - don't get too eager on the steering wheel, and keep your foot on the brakes!