If you were 20 years younger, I wouldn't go anywhere near you.
- Lila to Kevin

Okay. We are a big pile of noders sitting in Wertperch's livingroom. Gathered around a big pile of half-emptied pizza boxes and sipping Oolong Tea.

We have run around spreading innuendo and could-have-been disastrous comments to the Nottingham local population. For example, when a nasty and annoying band decided to invade our nice and peaceful bar, call, Jaz and (darsi) ganged up to get the doors closed - effectively creating a fire hazard before being confronted by a wild waitress-woman who looked like she had just started a fire herself.

Never you mind, however.

We have gathered some general ideas that might light your fire, and realise you have missed something. Yes this is a hint - be here the next time :) We even had somebody fly over from Switzerland - you hardly see this kind of dedication these days

Oolong: Lollipops, chocolate and a thoroughly touched puppy. Life is good.

call: This keyboard is neither Dvorak nor... even vaguely sensible. What were you thinking, SharQie? ,) But I don´t care, it´s on an iBook... friends, sweeties, and loud music; what more does a guy need?

Wayland: Luckily I can't think of anything to write involving a tilda, as a can't see one. Have a good one!

Ferenczy - It´s at times like this I wish I was in the sort of company where I could pass a particularly clever Oscar Wilde quote off as my own without everyone looking slightly embarrassed.

Wertperch asks Jaz to stop tickling me whilst I am trying to type. Surrounded by distractions, I am unable to perform at my optimum. The generosity and love shown by these wonderful people rocks my world (to quote ascorbic)

Catwertle hugs!

Siobhan: /me seconds Catwertle!

ascorbic: SharQ is welcome to copy my XP whoreage with the "bring ya laptop to the nodermeet" malarkey. This norwiegen keyboard is fucking confusing. I've done well, with both hot euro babes and lesbians tonight. Hugglez and stuff.¨

Catchpole: laptops and beer do not mix. Did you here about the monkey that fell out the tree?

Stupot: Not only did I touch the puppy, I _wore_ the puppy. I have nothing more to say. Oh, except thanks to all, and thanks to E2.

I wandered around, lost, my little chicken legs going sixteen to the dozen, looking for the little lost party of noders...I found them in their natural habitat, the pub, living the E2 way of life, I joined them and touched the puppy, and it was good...and it continued to be so, this is where the legend becomes reality...

Jaz sez the puppy was touched, and friendship commenced. What a wonderful bunch of people - what can I say, Im humbeld and small in my 6'2" tallness.... love you all x

(darsi) says Don't touch your brain!

SharQ: Yes. This has been worth it, most definitely. I have spent the day snogging random noders and being generally annoying - Among other things; Jugglign my (and two other noders' mobiles. Poor people. But no, there is no remorse. Not even for almost throwing a glass on the ground and almost smashing werty's ball. No remorse :)

Absent Noders

We drank the health of those unable to attend, wherever they were; bexxta, bol, heyoka and gnarl, ConfusionTheWaitress, TallRoo, BlueDragon and TallRoo. We missed you, but you were with us in spirit!

Great to have seen you all, people! Keep it up!

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SharQ's picture gallery at: www.kamps.org/photography/galleries