Five Star Daydream

I'm trying to do things, but my short term memory... Useless. It's gotten worse recently. I think. Why is it dark? Is there a light switch around here somewhere? I can hear rain. Slow dripping against the floorboards. There must be a leak.

Is this even my house?

Yeah, it looks familiar. What was I doing again. Oh. Darkness. Where's the light. Wait a minute, I think I have a mobile phone. Yes. In my pocket. Ooh, new message! Hmm, that's strange, I can't quite put my finger on what it means. I really should call my mom. I hope she's in my phone book.

Why is it dark?

Oh, I can shine my way to a light switch with my mobile. There. No, nothing happens. Why? Is the power... Oh, there we go. Damn energy saving light bulbs. The room fades into view slowly. C'mon! C'mon!

Why am I holding a mobile? "Hello? Anybody there?" Hmm. Back in my pocket.

I'm in a bedroom. I think. There's a bed here. No windows though. That's peculiar. If only the dripping would stop. The room is fading into view. God, my head hurts. Did I drink last night? No, I don't think so. Breath smells fresh. What day is it? Should I be at work?

What am I...

Ah. This room. There's somebody on the bed. She's beautiful. I wonder if I know her. She looks like strawberries smell. I need to remember to call... Who am I calling again?

Must go closer. She's not moving. Asleep. No. Not breathing. I pull back the duvet. The rain must have stopped outside. I can't hear it hitting the roof anymore. Could I ever? The dripping continues onto the floor, gradually turning the floorboards a deep maroon.

Oh. My knife.