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originally an article written by me, published on [VG Nett]

[Osama bin Laden] - dead or alive?

In the US, the discussion on wether [Osama bin Laden] is alive or not is alive in the media. They seem to try to compete on declaring his [death], and [revive|reviving him] every second time. But what is the truth? When the whole thing broke loose on the [September 11, 2001|11th], [George W. Bush] was quick to refer to the old western poster; [Wanted dead or alive]. At the moment, however, nobody seems to know which one it is.

Alive: November 27 2001
According to [Hazarat Ali], the [Jalalabad] city security chief, [Osama Bin Laden] was observed by the [Tora Bora] mountains. When this became well known, the USA started their bombing in the area.

Alive: November 29 2001
An [Northern Alliance] officer said that Bin Laden was alive, and that he was on the run with [Mohammad Omar], the [taliban] leader.

Wounded: Approx. 15 December 2001
According to an arabic newspaper, bin laden was [wounded] in an attack on his base in [Afghanistan].

Dead: December 22, 2001
The Pakistani president [Pervez Musharraf] claims in a television interview that there is a great chance that bin laden was killed during the [Tora Bora] bomb raids, and that he definitely wouldn't be in Pakistan.

Wounded: December 25, 2001
A Pakistani newspaper writes about Bin laden's funeral. A [Taliban] leader is cited saying that Bin Laden died of natural courses (not a typo! Although it would be natural to die of getting a 2000 pound bomb delivered on your doorstep, courtesy of [USAF])

Alive: December 27, 2001
Two days after Bin Laden was claimed to have been buried, [Afghan] authorities claim that he is in Pakistan, together with [al quaeda] sympathisers. (hmmh - wasn't he just buried? And didn't the president say that he definitely not was in Pakistan?)

Alive: December 30 2001
A representative of the US [Senate] safety comittee says that bin Laden islikely to be alive, but that they don't have a clue where he is. The representative reckons [bin laden|he] is somewhere in the Tora Boras, or in Pakistan.

Dead: January 18, 2002
According to the [pakistani] president [Pervez Musharraf], Osama bin Laden might have died following an acute [kidney] failure, after he got disconnected from his [dialysis] machine (!)

Dead or Alive: February 3, 2002
A spokesman for the US Senate says that "[Osama bin Laden] is either [alive] or [dead], and that he is probably hiding out somewhere (remind me to check what other state you can be, except from alive or dead, and also - wouldn't you, too, be hiding out if you were bin Laden? Let's give the US senate spokesman a [standing ovation] for that one)

Alive: February 5th 2002
According to US officials, bin Laden survived the bombing of the Tora Boras, and is probably hising in the [border] area betweeen [Afghanistan] and [Pakistan].

Alive: March 9, 2002
According to [Saudi] media, one of bin Ladens wives believes he's alive.

Alive: April 23, 2002
A spokesman for the US administration admits there is a major possibility that bin Laden is alive, and that he still is in Afghanistan. It is also claimed that the silence from mr. Laden is because of a PR stunt.

Alive: May 17, 2002
According to [saudi] media, one of the taliban leaders [Mullah Mohammed Omar] has said that bin Laden is alive, and that [doubya|Bush] will never manage to kill him.

Alive: May 19, 2002
US Vice president [Dick Cheney] confirms that he believes bin Laden is still alive, and that the [US] can expect new terrorist attacks soon.

Alive: June 12, 2002
A [russian] newspaper cites taliban leader [Mullah Mohammed Omar], saying he knows bin Laden is alive, and still lives in [Afghanistan.]

Alive: June 23, 2002
A safety committee in the US claims bin Laden is still alive, and that [al Quaeda] are planning new terrorist attacks.

Alive: June 26, 2002
"Osama bin Laden will surface soon", says an [al-Qaeda] spokessman. He also says that the terror network soon will recommence the terror.

Alive: July 13
Chief of [german] [foreign office], [August Hanning], says that bin Laden is still alive, and probably is in the border area between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Alive: July 15, 2002
A london-based newspaper claims they have sources that have been in contact with bin laden, proving that the rumours of his death were false.

Dead: July 17, 2002
The chief of the [FBI] anti-terror unit, [Dale Watson], says that "he has a feeling that bin Laden is dead". But he can't cough up a shred of evidence either way.

Alive: July 24, 2002
Bin Laden is said to have [stenography|hidden messages in porn images], leading to new speculations of him being alive.

Alive: July 30, 2002
Indias secretary of defence, [George Fernandes], claims that bin Laden is alive, and resides in [Pakistan].

Dead: May 4, 2011
The US presedent, [Barak Obama], confirms that Bin Laden has been killed in a raid by US troups in [Pakistan]. He is now [The Dead Parrot Sketch|an ex-parrot].

Sources: Primarily [CNN] and [VG Nett], but those two also cite bunches of other sources. This w/u is not at all complete or comprehensive, but it gives a bit of an impression about the bloody hype around [osama bin laden|the guy currently topping the FBIs most wanted list.]