It is the 17th of November (well, it's not, but I am future-posting this). A quite normal day for many of us. For me however...

It has been exactly one month since I joined E2!

It has been two rather hectic months, in which I have gone from being a nobody here on E2, to still being a nobody. However, I have grown to become a rather noticable nobody, and I feel that I have managed to contribute to the E2 as a whole.

But not only have I done what I can to improve E2, I have also changed quite a lot myself. I have always been a photographer... That means that I always walk about looking at things from different angles. Seeing if I can turn something into a photo.. Freeze time in a way nobody has frozen time before.

Well.. I still do that. Except now, I keep looking around me, wondering if I can node as well. Sad, isn't it :)

Proofs that I have become an E2 addict:

But.. Of course.. the ultimate proof...

  • In 30 days, I have noded 111 writeups. (woo!)

I'm quite aware that certain people have done loads more noding in lots shorter time.. But, in a horribly selfish and arrogant way, I am still proud of myself.

ONE MONTH DOWN.. and.. eh... loads of months to go :)

oh yeah.. to celebrate this, I have updated my homenode a wee bit