Abdul Haq (1957 - 26. October 2001)

About Abdul Haq

Fighting against the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan in the 1980s, Haq played an important leading role in the guerilla warfare leading to a victory in 1989. Soviet fled the country after ten years of war, where Haq and his fellow soldiers were backed by among others USA and Pakistan.

After a brief period of political activity, Haq pulled out of politics completely. He returned in 1999, trying to replace the Taliban with a moderate government. In retaliation, gunmen - presumably from the Taliban - killed his wife and 11-year-old son.

When the Taliban captured Abdul Haq October 26, 2001, they wasted no time in executing him. Haq leaves behind five children, a wife, and a world in chaos. Today (29th of Otober) Haq was buried, along with USA's last hope for a quick victory.

It is believed that Commander Haq's fatal mission in Afghanistan was to persuade Taliban fighters to rebel against the regime. The Commander and 19 lightly armed assistants slunk into Taliban territory to convince fighters to rise up against the regime.

The morning of the 26th, Haq and his small task force were surrounded by Taliban forces. Discovering this, Haq contacted US forces via satellite phone. An attempt to assist him was made using an unmanned aircraft (of the type Predator). Unfortunately, the attempt was futile.

Abdul Haq's strategy in overthrowing the Taliban administration has caused Haq to be highly critical of the US bombing raids on Afghanistan, stating they were damaging his efforts.

Capturing and executing Abdul Haq is an important victory for the Taliban. Not only because Haq was expected to be a key figure in any political administration when the Taliban is gone. Haq, who is believed to be backed by the CIA, is said to have been the key to a quick success of USA's missions in Afghanistan.

Immediately after the execution, the Taliban refused to return Haq's body. They reconsidered, however, and Haq was buried at the family home in Surkhrod, near Jalalabad today, October 29th. Haq, born in 1957, leaves behind five children and his wife Uma, whom he married less than a year ago.