Very useful idea from DoctorNo. I think he sums the thing up quite well but I have to give a few precisions about driving in good ol' France.

  • Two-laned roundabouts:
    Really trendy. They just build an awful lot of them. Sadly, most people don't know how to use the lanes according to the exit they're aiming at. Easy. If you're heading for an exit located in the first half of the circle (all the exits you can find on your right AND the exit that's just in front, ie the continuation of the road you come from) you have to stay in the outer lane. If you're heading for other exits (all the exits on your left) or just want to go round the thing again to be sure where you want to go, you have to stay in the inner lane.
  • Right of way ("la priorité"):
    Some crossings don't have any markings, either on the ground or on sign poles. In that case, the rule doesn't give right of way to vehicles coming from the bigger/larger road but to vehicles coming from the right. Nevertheless, you won't have to apply this rule very often, you'll usually find white triangular signs with a red border. They indicate you have to give way to ALL other vehicles ("Cédez le passage").
  • Parking:
    I know big cities are a real nightmare when it comes to parking your car but it's not an excuse to park on the sidewalk... We don't do it as much as DoctorNo says (at my place at least) and you could easily end up with a fine or your car taken to the "fourrière", which raises the fine to something like 100 €. Be a responsible, civilized driver, earn your bullshit or do what I do, enjoy motorbiking. And by the way, this parking inferno explains why we don't have that much SUVs.